Our range of large mens shirts are available up to 22 inch collar. Gurds is committed to providing high-quality men's clothing at competitive market-related prices. Our shirts are made from the finest quality cotton and polyester in order to ensure maximum comfort and a stylish fit.

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Double Two Plain Polyester and Cotton Shirts
Double Two Plain |Polyester and Cotton Shirts Standard Size Range 15 to 18 collar King Size Range 181/2 to 22 collar Shades Stocked White, Glacier Blue, Cream, Cornflower Blue,Black, Sand, Mushroom, Burgundy, Midnight Blue          
Polyester Non-Iron Cotton Shirts by Double Two
Double Two 4500 60%Cotton 40%Polyester Non-Iron Shirts Standard sizes 15 to 18 collar and King Size 181/2 to 22 collar with breast pocket and button or cufflink cuff. Colours stocked White,Cream, Glacier Pale Blue, Sage, Cornflower Blue, Navy ,Dusky Pink ,Pink, Fawn, Lemon, Cherry, and Black
Double Two Brushed Cotton Twill Check Shirt
Double Two Brushed Cotton Twill Shirts Sidmouth GS3682 price £32.95 Limited time Special Offer £27.95 Stocked in collar sizes 15 to 18 Regular fit Colours Green check and Brown Chesk
Double Two Dunster 3750
Double Two Brushed Cotton Check Shirt Dunster 3750 stocked in 2 colours Blue/Red A and BlueTan B Size range 15 collar to 18 collar Regular fit standard sizes Limited time special offer £36.95 to £29.95 This shirt is also stocked in Outsize fit from 181/2 to 21 collar Limited time special offer £42.95 to £34.95  
Double Two Paradigm Bengal Stripe Shirt
Double Two Paradigm Non-Iron Cotton Bengal Stripe Shirt Ref 7030 Classic Bengal stripe shirt in pure cotton and non-iron finish Stocked in blue and purple and red Size Range 15 to 21 collar
Double Two Single Cuff 100% Cotton Shirt
Paradigm 100% Cotton Non Iron Single Cuff Shirt With Brest Pocket and holes for cuff links Sizes Stocked 15 to 22 Collar White, Blue, Cream ,Purple and Cobalt Blue
Double Two Twill Check Shirt | Watchet 3681
Double Two Brushed Cotton Twill check shirt Watchet GS3683price £32.95 Outsize £37.95 Limited time special offer £27.95 15-18 Outsize 181/2 -21 £32.95 Stocked in Rust and Blue Size range 15 to 21 collar Regular Fit
Non-Iron Double Cuff Shirt by Double Two
Paradigm 100% cotton non iron double cuff shirt by Double Two Double cuff for use with cuff links No brest pocket sizes 15 to 22 collar in White , Mid Blue, Cream, Cobalt Blue,and Purple